“It is just soo perfect for my iPad! I think I will reassemble my sofa just for fun!”

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Optimized versions
for both iPad and iPhone.

Assembly instructions for XXXX™ furniture

Have your lost your assembly instructions? Do you need to re-assemble your furniture when moving? Or do you just want to gaze at your favorite XXXX piece?

Now you can easily access assembly instructions from your favorite Swedish Furniture store XXXX in your iPad. You have literally hundreds of assembly instructions under the tip of your fingers! The iPad is perfect for viewing the instructions while you work!

International versions

Pocket Assembly Aid is localized for USA, Germany, France, Italy, Spain and of course the Swedish XXXX stores. You can choose any country's assembly instructions and still keep your preferred language of choice in the interface.

When you don't have access to a internet connection you can still browse your previously downloaded files in your download history.



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